The Craft & Business of Writing: Weekly Tips for Building a Career You Love as a Writer

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Five years ago I resigned from my last 9–5 job to become a full-time freelance copywriter and ghostwriter, turning my lifelong love for writing into a creative career.

The first year was rough to say the least. I barely earned the minimum wage, had to take on a couple side hustles to cover bills, and didn’t know the first thing about running a business.

But my knowledge and situation steadily improved. I learned a lot through books, articles, and just the daily trial and error of running a business. Writing became sustainable.

Less than a year after starting the business, I got engaged. In the week before our wedding, she resigned from her 9–5 job to join me in full-time freelancing. We lived as digital nomads for the first six months of marriage, traveling multiple countries across Central America and Europe, working from our laptops in coffee shops, hotel rooms, and trains.

The longer we freelanced, the more natural things became. Now, we share a thriving SaaS copywriting business in Austin that grows by more than 80% every year.

The Craft & Business of Writing

Recently I started writing a lot more about what it’s like to run a full-time writing business, how I find freelance clients, and the tactics I use to constantly improve my writing — and connect with more readers.

I write about some of these subjects on Medium and my blog. But if you prefer more consistent tips sent straight to your inbox, I recommend subscribing to The Craft & Business of Writing, my Monday newsletter.



SaaS copywriter | Ghostwriter | Access weekly tips about the craft and business of writing:

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Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis

SaaS copywriter | Ghostwriter | Access weekly tips about the craft and business of writing:

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