Put the odds in your favor.

Solo investors go head-to-head against top Wall Street investment firms every day in the stock market. These firms often have access to greater resources, data, and tools that provide them a competitive edge against self-funded individuals who are trading on a part-time basis. …

Saving, investing, risk, reward — entrepreneurship holds nothing back.

Everything I know about personal finance I learned from starting a business.

When I say it out loud, this line of reasoning is perhaps unsavory. But maybe I’ll convince you to stick around anyway. Mastering personal finances through entrepreneurship comes down to one simple idea:

Entrepreneurship complicates your finances.


It’s a bigger problem than most freelancers admit

Nearly all freelancers are time trapped. The moment you stop performing client-facing work — to take a vacation, have the occasional lazy workday like all your 9-to-5 friends, or catch up on accounting — you procrastinate receiving your next paycheck.

As a result, client-facing work takes priority over business development…

A brief introduction to buying online businesses

There’s a lot of buzz around building an online business. Everyone tells you to start a blog. Launch a newsletter. Sell a course. Learn to code so you can launch the next unicorn SaaS company. …

It starts with realizing these things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The internet is polarized about how young people should spend the first several years of their careers. There’s one side that insists you should spend your twenties traveling the world, living your dreams, and postponing any big responsibilities and career moves until you’re closer to 30. You’re only young once…

Spoiler alert: Freelancing gets better with time.

A watch in front of lights

In March 2021, I crossed the five-year mark as a full-time freelance copywriter. In many ways, the career has been about what you’d expect. I’ve endured the scary volatility of living project to project. I know what it’s like to own my calendar and have choice about who I work…

How two companies used opposite tactics in branding to achieve wild success

Monster can in grass

Both women took a turn with the knife.

One at a time they stabbed the side of their Monster can.

Sleeves rolled up on their arms, the women gave one another a nod, popped open their tabs in unison, and the race was on. …

Make freelancing more secure than a full-time job

It’s risky business giving up a 9–5 job to work for yourself as a freelancer. Instead of relying on a biweekly paycheck, you accept a career that ebbs and flows without a predictable pattern. …

Here’s the strategy I’ve settled on so far.

I swore I’d never be an active trader.

I’ve invested regularly and aggressively in the stock market since 2018, always under the same strategy: buy index funds that I plan to hold for decades. …

Four ways people get paid to promote their own books, blogs, and writing businesses

Years ago I freelanced as a live event logistics hand, staffing conferences, concerts, and festivals across North America. I formed many good memories during those years. …

Alexander Lewis

Freelance SaaS copywriter and ghostwriter. Access weekly tips about the craft and business of writing: lewiscommercialwriting.com/subscribe.

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